• Playstation & Xbox Issues down to UK Man

    A UK man continues to be arrested together with an investigation into denial-of-service attacks on Sony Playstation and Xbox systems over Christmas.

    The 18-year-old was arrested with an address in Southport, near Liverpool.

    He is accused of unauthorised usage of computer material and knowingly providing false information to law enforcement officials agencies in the US.

    The investigation would be a joint operation between UK cybercrime units and also the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    Microsoft and Sony were attacked on Christmas Day, turning it into difficult for users to go browsing. The distributed-denial-of-service attack – which floods servers causing them to are amiss – caused major disruptions.

    The arrest was component of a joint operation between officers in the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (Serocu) as well as the North West Regional Crime Unit (Rocu), sustained by the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU).

    Craig Jones, head with the Cyber Crime Unit at Serocu said: “This investigation is a great one of joint police co-operation regarding a type of criminality that isn’t restricted by any geographical boundaries.

    “We remain at the early stages in the investigation as there are still much work to be exercised. We will carry on and work closely together with the FBI to name those who commit offences and hold these to account.”

    He explained more to do with one from the charges, referred to as swatting.

    “Offences called ‘swatting’ involve police force forces in the United States receiving hoax calls via Skype for any major incident during which Swat teams were dispatched.”

    Peter Goodman, national policing lead for cybersecurity on the Association of Police Officers (Acpo), added: “This is really a significant arrest… of any UK citizen suspected of undertaking serious and organised cybercrime for the national and international stage.”

    A hacking group called Lizard Squad stated it carried out the attacks which caused major disruption for the gaming platforms at one from the busiest times with the year.
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